Corporate History

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Corporate History of the Niigata Metallikon Industries Corporation.

Western calendar Affair
September 1950 Founded as a company named “minat plating”.
August 1953 The ex-president, Kichiji Izutsu, learned Metallikon style processing
COMPANY LTD. in Tokyo.
January 1961 It was reorganized as a stock company.
The company name is “Niigata Metallikon Industries Corporation”.
April 1961 Anodizing service has started.
July 1961 A new plant was built in Shimokido.
January 1962 Shimokido Factory was expanded.
April 1962 Chromium plating service (for industrial use) has started.
1967 Minato-machi factory and Suehiro factory were united with Shimokido
July 1969 An Ohkuma-made universal grinder (1.5m) was installed.
December 1971 New buildings; White factory, meeting room and rest room
were constructed.
1972 Heavy duty coating service has started.
May 1972 Stainless steel spraying service (thermal spray) has stared.
September 1975 Factories and office building was reconstructed.
March 1978 Noboru Izutsu succeeded Kichiji Izutsu as the President.
September 1979 Technological tie-up with Dow Corning Corp. about Molykote
January 1980 Full-size shot blast equipment was installed.
March 1980 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
September 1981 Technological tie-up with JAPAN KANIZEN co., ltd. about electroless
nickel plating.
February 1982 Ceramic spraying and Plasma spraying service has started.
July 1983 Automatic zinc plating machine was installed to the Shimokido Factory.
December 1983 A new factory was constructed (Zaimokucho Factory).
August 1994 A painting factory was established in Zaimokucho Factory.
August 1995 Automatic plating equipment (Cu, Ni, Cr, Ni-P, and Sn) were installed
to Shimokido Factory.
October 2000 Plating work transferred from Hitachi, Ltd.
August 2001 Blackening equipment was enhanced.
July 2003 Automatic electroless nickel plating equipment was installed.
October 2003 Trivalent chromium plating service has started.
July 2004 The Second Painting Factory was constructed.
September 2004 The nickel-boron plating equipment and the nickel-teflon plating
equipment have been strengthened of “the Shimokido-first-factory”.
September 2006 “Unleaded electroless nickel plating” is begun by
“the Shimokido-first-factory”.
December 2006 “trivalent chromate” is begun by “the Shimokido-first-factory”.
May 2007 “Unleaded nickel-teflon plating” is begun by
“the Shimokido-first-factory”.
May 2008 “Unleaded nickel-boron plating” is begun by
“the Shimokido-first-factory”.
October 2008 ECO ACTION 21 certification (0002995)
May 2009 The company got “Contractor’s License”.
August 2011 The company got certification of JIS Q 9100 and ISO 9001.
“JIS Q 9100″(Certification number JQA-AS0084),
“ISO9001″(Certification numberJQA-QMA14415)
April 2012 “High Velocity Oxygen Fuel” is begun by “the Shimokido-thirdt-factory”.
October 2013 “Shot peening” is begun by “the zaimokucho-factory”.
February 2014 Aluminum surface treatment of aircraft equipments started
at Shimokido-first-factory.
September 2015 A large-scale tin plating equipment was installed to
“the Shimokido-second-factory”.
April 2016 Plating and painting equipment was constructed in NSCA Factory.
August 2016 A plating equipment for plastics was installed
to “the Shimokido-second-factory”.
March 2017 A large semi-bright silver plating equipment was installed
to “the Shimokido-second-factory”.