Surface treatment

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Business item of Niigata Metallikon Industries Corporation


|Silver plating|Copper plating|
|Tin plating(semi-bright/bright)|
|Nickel plating|Bright nickel plating|Black nickel plating|
|Zinc plating (trivalent colored chromate, trivalent bright chromate, trivalent black chromate)|
|Zinc-nickel alloy plating|
|Chromium plating|Trivalent chromium plating|Hard chromium plating|High hardness chromium plating|
|Gold plating|multiple completion plating|Mat finish plating|
|gold-copper plating (pink-gold plating)|
【Plating on plastics】
【Lead-free solder plating】
|SnCu solder plating|
【Lead-free electroless nickel plating】
|Lead-free electroless nickel plating|
|Nickel boron plating|Nickel teflon plating|
|white anodizing|colored anodizing|hard anodizing|
【Chemical conversion coating on aluminum】
|Chromium-free coating|Trivalent chromium coating|Hexavalent chromium coating|
【Conversion coating on iron】
|Phosphate coating|Alkali blackening|
【Electrolytic polishing】
|Electrolytic polishing of stainless steel|Electrolytic polishing of titanium alloy|

Thermal spraying

【Thermal spraying】
|Method of thermal spraying|
|High velocity flame spraying  HVOF(high velocity oxy-fuel)|
|Plasma Spraying Process|Electric Arc Spraying Process|Rod Flame Spraying Process|
|Material of spraying|
|Alloy of metal|Self-fluxing alloy|Ceramic|Cermet|Resin (Nylon)|
Sand BlastingShot BlastingGrit BlastingDry Ice Blasting
【Shot Peening】
BuffingCylindrical Polishing


|Baking finish|Melamine Resin Coating|Acrylic Resin Coating|Leather Tone Finish Painting|Fluorine Resin Coating|
|Thick Anticorrosion Coating(Nylon, Tetoron)|
|Powder Coating|Corrosion-resistant Coating|Molykote|Screen printing|
|Explanation of synthetic resin type paint.|
|About the pattern s finishing.|