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1.What is Blast Processing?

Blasting treatment is a surface treatment method that blows a granular abrasive or the like onto
the surface of a product, performs surface cleaning, ground treatment of painting / plating,
surface roughening, decorative finish and the like.

2.Classification by blast processing equipment.

A mechanism that blows granular abrasive material etc.
on the surface of products with compressed air made with compressor.
Blasting conditions can be finely set, and micron unit abrasives can also be used.
Main applications include deburring, surface grinding, patterning and the like.
2)Mechanical type
A mechanism that rotates the blade at high speed using a motor, sends abrasive materials
and the like, and blows it to the surface of the product by centrifugal force.
It is widely blown away, so it is suitable for continuously processing large products and products.
It is suitable for rust removal, paint peeling, removal of scales.
3)Wet type
A method of blowing an abrasive onto the surface of a product with compressed air in
a state where abrasive and water are mixed.
After the blast treatment, it is dried.
Or need measures such as paint coating.
4)Dry ice blasting(Cleaning with dry ice)
A method of projecting dry ice with compressed air made with a compressor.
It is suitable for exfoliation of thin film coating, removal of oil and sticky matter.

3.Classification by shape of blast material

  1. 1) Sand blasting・・・Using silica sand, sea sand etc.
  2. 2) Shot blasting・・Using a spherically shaped shot material.
  3. 3) Grit blasting・・Sharp-shaped material is used.
  4. 4) Cut wire blasting・・・・Use material cut from metal wire.

4.Material of blast material

Metal, ceramic, glass, resin, natural materials etc.

5.Name of blasting material

Sand, shot, grit, cut wire, beads, media, abrasive material

Grit Blasting material
Shot Blasting material
Manual blast machine
Manual blast machine
Shot blast machine
Shot blast machine
Room type blast processing equipment
Room type blast processing equipment