Shot peening

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Shot peening

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1.What is Shot peening?

・Peening a shot to a workpiece is a process to work harden the surface of the workpiece and
impart compressive residual stress.
・A shot is a projection material in the form of a sphere.
・Shot peening is one of cold working.
・The opposite word of cold working is hot working.
<What is cold working and hot working?(Source:Weblio dictionary )>
・cold working・・・Bending, cutting, rolling, forging etc. to metal at room temperature.
・hot working・・・Processing by heating a metal at a temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature.

2.Shot peening means.

It is a surface treatment that shoots a peen using a centrifugal force, pneumatic pressure, etc. on the workpiece.

3.Materials commonly used.

Iron type, non-ferrous type, glass type, ceramic type, resin type etc.

4.Effects to be brought.

The surface after peening becomes like a shape hit with a spherical hammer,
and the following surface reforming effect is obtained.

  1. ・Metal fatigue prevention
  2. ・Stress corrosion crack prevention
  3. ・Chipping resistance
  4. ・Densification of tissue
  5. ・Plastic working

5.Uses and fields

・Parts such as gears, springs, cams, shafts, landing gears etc.
used in places where metal fatigue easily occurs.
・Automobiles, aircraft, power plant turbines, chemical plants pressure vessels。